Philips QG3335/15


for hair/beard and mustache/eyebrow/nose and ears/for delicate zones/body, length haircuts: 3 - 20 mm, power: battery, offline: 35 minutes, wet cleaning

Main (Philips QG3335/15)
The purpose for hairstyles, beards and mustaches, eyebrows, nose and ears, for delicate areas of the body
Length haircuts 3 — 20 mm
Specifications (Philips QG3335/15)
Food battery
Collection system shorn hair
Time of Autonomous work 35 minutes
Charging time 10 hours
Does not require lubrication
Use in the shower
Wet cleaning
Trim (Philips QG3335/15)
Nozzles standard trimmer, combs, nose and ears
Complete case, cleaning brush
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